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Baby Massage and Child Safety Classes in Maryland

Touch is Baby’s first language

Penny’s Learning Tree Provides Infant Massage Education through Private, In-Home Instruction or Group Classes.

 Baby Massage and Medication Administration Training in MarylandInfant Massage (Nurturing Touch) is an “age old” tradition dating back to the beginning of time. It is not a trend or fad – it is an ancient art and philosophy that connects you deeply to your baby. The goal of infant massage classes is to encourage loving communication with your baby, laying down a foundation of trust, dependability, faith and love.

Along with learning the massage strokes, which encourages growth and development and addresses such issues as colic and gas, the classes offer a time for sharing and discussing information related to newborns and parenting.

Relax with our Child Safety and Baby Massage Classes in MarylandOur classes are vary laid back and are baby safe zones. Babies can behave like babies and parents can relax and not worry about it.  Call and schedule a class today for you and your baby.


Childcare Providers need to have current up to date training to provide quality and safe childcare for our community


Parents and grandparents often have questions and many concerns about many different issues  related to the care of children.

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