Frequently Asked Questions

Infant Massage and Child Safety Classes in Maryland

What age range is best for the Infant Massage Classes?

Generally, we open the class for babies 6wks to 8wks to one year,  Sometimes premature babies and babies under 6 wks. can have tactile sensitivity and will become over stimulated by the class. We will discuss in our class how to continue massaging your child as your child grows, providing for their different needs.  Please contact Darlene for information about strokes for younger babies ( Gentle touch, Skin to skin )

When can I begin massaging my baby?

We encourage all parents and caregivers to massage their babies even from birth by providing simple nurturing touch and skin to skin touch. Because of their sensitivity, the nurturing touch may need to be done with very little skin exposure.

Whats the difference between an infant massage and an adult massage?

YOUR BABY WILL ONLY BE MASSAGED BY YOU.  Our goal is to be a guide – you are your child’s teacher as you are the only one that can listen and respond to your baby’s cues.

Why learn these massage techniques?  Why can’t I just rub my baby’s back? 

Of course, any positive touch between you and your baby is beneficial.  However, learning the strokes encourages parents and caregivers to massage more often and for longer periods of time.  The class also addresses many of the other issues (colic, fussy babies, crying, feeding issues both breastfeeding and bottle) that new parents may experience with their baby.

What do I bring to class?

It’s simple, your baby, a blanket, and a maybe a pillow for mom to it on, along with your usual baby stuff.  You will receive a small bottle of sunflower seed oil and some handouts from Darlene to take home with you.

Who is welcome to attend class?

We encourage anyone who helps take care of the baby to attend.  That may include Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. We also welcome foster parents.  Only one caregiver will provide the massage during the class so as not to confuse the baby.  Your guest may learn the strokes on a life size doll provided by the instructor.

What can I expect from a typical class?

Each class will cover a specific section of strokes from the full body routine.  We will review what we learned the previous week and then cover the new portion.  Darlene will teach you the strokes on a demonstration doll while you massage your little one.  Because we want to make sure you’re comfortable and confident with the routine before you leave, there will be plenty of time for Q & A at the end of each class along with time for general discussion about babies.