About Your Instructor

Darlene Galeski, RN, CBC, CEIM, CCHC

Providing Breastfeeding, Parent  and grandparent Support, Infant Massage, and Childcare Provider Medication and Asthma Training

Darlene is a dedicated advocate for children and those who take care of them. A  Mother of two and grandmother of 3 she understands the daily ups and downs of caring for children.

As a registered nurse, she has worked in many nursing venues (Pediatric office, school health, child care, management) throughout the years.

While taking care of  newborns and offering support and education to their parents, Darlene completed training through Prepared Childbirth Educators to become a Certified Breast Feeding Counselor (CBC).  Breastfeeding offers many benefits for mom and baby but often can be challenging and frustrating. She provides in home support and education to parents (moms) both breast feeding and bottle feeding their baby.

With her many years of school health, she became more concerned about our changing society and how it is affecting our children, parents and caregivers. In 2012 she became a certified educator of infant massage (CEIM) and with success  offers classes for parents in both group and private settings (at home or virtually)

Darlene received her certificate for training as a child care health consultant (CCHC) at the acclaimed University of North Carolina and worked for three years as the supervisor of the childcare Health Net program visiting child care programs and providing health and safety consultation and classes for child care providers. She continues to teach Medication Administration and Asthma classes in and around the DC area.

Her goal is to share her experience, knowledge and passion about infant care including; breastfeeding, the first few days at home with a new baby, infant massage, and health and safety.

“Darlene, you are an awesome, caring, and conscientious teacher and it completely shows that you love what you are doing.”   Jennifer, Urbana Town Courier