Breast Feeding Support

 Breast feeding is one of the most natural things on the planet. Nursing your baby is a very special bond between you and your baby. The gift of food, life and love. However, like any good relationship, it may come with challenges and may take some work. Not all moms choose to breast feed and use bottle feeding to give nourishment, whether using breast milk or formula. This often leads to “severe guilt” and “feelings of extreme failure as a woman and mother”.

What we can help you with:

  • Your breast feeding concerns
  • Latching/Positioning
  • Nipple care
  • Milk transfer
  • Your baby’s normal infant behavior
  • Emotions/Support system
  • Pumping/Supplementing
  • Returning to work

What to expect at your visit:

Our in-home private breast feeding support can help you work through some of your challenges so you will not be burdened with those feelings of failure. Our goal is to help you come up with a personal plan to provide the best feeding options for your baby. Our initial visit is not based on how much time we spend with you, but usually takes between 60 – 90 minutes. Some may choose to have follow-up home visits or choose to follow up with phone calls, emails or texts, what ever works best for you.

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