Baby Massage

Benefits of Infant massage

Infant Massage provides many benefits to both Infant and Caregiver. They may be demonstrated in various ways


  • Enhances the baby’s physiological development.
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and normalizes muscle tone.
  • Stimulates all the systems of the body: Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Elimination and Immune.
  • Releases those feel good Hormones in both the caregiver and baby:
    • Oxytocin– hormone responsible for the reduction of blood pressure, minimize distress, anxiety, depression, stress related illnesses
    • Prolactin – promotes milk production in the mother

Baby Massage for your Fussy Baby in MarylandRelaxation

  • Improves babies sleep, helps regulate sleep/wake cycle
  • Helps relieve tension from stimulating environment
  • Help babies handle sensory stimulation and respond in a relaxed manner
  • Less hypersensitivity and less hyperactivity

RELIEF of physical discomforts such as:

  • Gas and promote elimination
  • Excess mucus
  • Growing pains, Muscular tension
  • Releases endorphins, natural pain killers, to ease emotional distress


  • Promotion of bonding thru nurturing touch
  • One-to-one quality time
  • Eye to eye / skin-to-skin contact, vocalization
  • Verbal and non- verbal communication

Adoption Baby Parents

  • Helps nurture the bonding process
  • Helps bridge parent/child relationship

Benefits for babies with special needs

Baby Massage for Special Needs Infants at Penny's Learning TreeSubstance Abuse/Drug exposed Babies/Premature

  • Faster weight gain
  • Eases physical discomfort
  • Reinforce the bonding process, lowering the potential for abuse.  May break the cycle of abuse
  • Develop respect for the baby

Developmental Delays

  • Empowers the parents to nurture their child and connect.
  • Helps parents in their healing and acceptance process
  • Nurturing touch gives a balance to other challenging touch experiences they may have had
  • Fewer stress behavior
  • Enhanced motor development

Neglected/Abused Infants

  • Improved caregiver/infant interactions
  • Less adverse response to touch
  • Reduces stress level
  • Develop tryst in the caregiver

Adolescent Pare/Caregiver

  • Less anxiety about infant care
  • Improved perception of infant
  • Great chance to learn about infant behavior

Depressed infants and Mothers

  • Infant
    • Increased daily weight gain
    • Less fussy
    • Improved sociability and soothability
  • Mother
    • Lower cortisol, and epinephrine levels = lower stress level
    • Increased serotonin levels = less depression